Sunday, February 2, 2020

Asperger's Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Asperger's - Essay Example There are three main areas where individuals with Asperger’s Syndrome experience difficulties. These include social interaction, social communication and social imagination. These three areas are usually referred as the impairment triads. Individuals with Asperger’s syndrome experience fewer issues with speaking and their intelligence level ranges from average to above average. In general they do not encounter the associated learning disabilities that are often evident amongst individuals with autism but they may experience particular learning issues such as dyspraxia, dyslexia, epilepsy or ADHD. Though it’s a lifetime problem but its symptoms may improve with the passage of time and growing age as the adults with Asperger’s syndrome may learn to comprehend their personal weaknesses and strengths and in turn may enhance their social ability. Moreover, with proper encouragement and support, individuals with Asperger’s syndrome can be enabled to lead an independent complete life (Frith, 1991). According ADDM findings, the prevalence of ASD is more amongst non-Hispanic whites as compared to other ethnicities but with the passage of time the disparity amongst the Hispanics and non-Hispanics has declined significantly with time (Pal, 2013). A huge research body documents that racial and ethnic disparities exist in the diagnosis and intervention plan of ASDs and this may lead to false results depicting in the prevalence of Asperger’s syndrome and other ASDs more in one ethnicity than others. However, the main reason that may be attributed to the increased incidence of Asperger’s syndrome amongst non-Hispanic whites is the institutional factors like clinician prejudices, accessibility of healthcare, symptoms interpretation by families and clinicians as well as the appliance of logical algorithms by clinicians for the detection of ASD. Exploring the causes of Asperger’s Syndrome is still

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